Program — November 19 and 21, 2017




Concerto in B-flat major, TWV 44:43 (Darmstadt, Mus. ms. 1033/86)           Georg Philipp Telemann

      for 3 oboes, 3 violins, and basso continuo                                                                 (1681–1767)

            Allegro, Largo, Allegro


Sonata in F minor, TWV 41:f1 (from Der Getreue Musikmeister)                                          Telemann

      for recorder and basso continuo

            Triste, Allegro, Andante, Vivace


Sonata in G minor, TWV 41:g6 (from Musique de table)                                                     Telemann

      for oboe and basso continuo

            Largo, Presto, Tempo giusto, Andante, Allegro


Trio Sonata in C minor, TWV 42:c2 (from Essercizii musici)                                                Telemann

      for recorder, oboe, and basso continuo

            Largo, Vivace, Andante, Allegro




Sonata in E minor, TWV 41:e5 (from Essercizii musici)                                                        Telemann

      for viola da gamba and basso continuo

            Cantabile, Allegro, Recitativo, Arioso, Vivace


Sonata in D major, TWV 41:D6 (from Der Getreue Musikmeister)                                        Telemann

      for cello and basso continuo

            Lento, Allegro, Largo, Allegro


Concerto in B-flat, TWV 54:B2 (Dresden, Ms. Mus. 2392-O-20)                                         Telemann

      for 2 recorders, 2 oboes, strings, and basso continuo

            Andante, Presto, Cantabile, Allegro




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