About Ensemble Gaudior

Ensemble Gaudior is dedicated to performing masterpieces of chamber music from the Baroque and Classical eras, using instruments from those periods or careful modern copies. By presenting this repertoire to modern concert audiences, we hope to contribute to the process of moving our world toward greater harmony. (The name Gaudior is borrowed from the musical unicorn in Madeleine L'Engle's book A Swiftly Tilting Planet, who time-travels through the universe joyfully harmonizing with the music of the stars and planets.) Founded in 2000 and based in the Washington D.C. area, the group is built around a core instrumentation of violin and basso continuo, but frequently collaborates with guest artists in order to allow a greater variety of repertoire.

Currently, Ensemble Gaudior does not have any concerts scheduled for the rest of the 2018-19 season. We can recommend for your consideration performances by several other local ensembles whose focus, like ours, is on baroque chamber music for string instruments:

  • Modern Musick, directed by Risa Browder and John Moran
  • The Vivaldi Project, directed by Elizabeth Field and Stephanie Vial
  • ArcoVoce, directed by Nina Falk and Steven Silverman

In addition, St. George’s Episcopal Church in Arlington, where we ourselves have performed, hosts a varied series of early music concerts, some of which are presented by Capitol Early Music and feature groups from out of town (see https://saintgeorgesmusic.org/concerts/ and https://capitolearlymusic.org/).

Washington-area choral groups specializing in early music (more often Renaissance than Baroque) include

And Washington is home to several nationally-recognized early-music ensembles, including

• The Washington Bach Consort, featuring music by Bach and his contemporaries for chorus and orchestra, but also instrumental orchestral and chamber music (https://bachconsort.org/)

Music and Gestalt coaching, my new direction!

Dear Friends of Ensemble Gaudior,

For me, performing music is not only about expressing myself, but also about being a free, sturdy, and capacious enough “vessel” to experience the music skillfully and buoyantly. My aim is to allow music’s beauty and creativity to have free space and expression through me.

In my quest to live more fully and creatively, over the past eight years I have become interested in Gestalt theory, which offers transcendent potentials for supporting people in their personal growth and creative development. Gestalt work is interested in how the body holds and transmits information, and what the work can reveal about the blocks that may get in the way of a person realizing their dreams and goals. As I know from personal experience, Gestalt can be very effective in helping you get “unstuck” from the places inside you that may be holding you back.

I have recently completed a full course of training, and am now certified as an ACC level Coach through the International Coaching Federation, and also as a Gestalt Pastoral Care Minister. Therefore, even though we know each other primarily through music, I would like to share my new creative dimension with you and invite you to join me in this process of exploration and discovery. To learn more, please visit my other website, Gestaltleadershipcoach.com.

 Wishing you a free and creative day,
Alexandra MacCracken